The Film

In the spring of 1797, the composer Sigismund Neukomm from Salzburg embarked upon a journey in order to live his dream. A dream of independence, autonomy and freedom.

His affinity for politics matched his love for music. A longing for adventure and far-flung lands spurred him to cross the world, and even his name indicates an element of “new arrivals”.

At the same time, Vienna rejoiced at the birth of a new Hapsburg. With Leopoldine of Austria, Emperor Franz I and his Chancellor Metternich were given a precious gift. Her fate held much in store for her: in 1817 she was married to the heir to the Brazilian throne. A special, exotic marriage, as she had dreamed of…

Neukomm and Leopoldine’s paths crossed in Brazil.


Austria, 2015, Director and Cinematographer: Ulrike Halmschlager, Idea, Music and Text: Herbert Lindsberger
Speakers: David Kehoe, Tania Higgins, Documentary, 60 min


DVD information

The 60 minutes documentary is available in German and English.
An eight-pages booklet informs about the idea for the film, includes biographies of both protagonists as well as curriculums of Ulrike Halmschlager and Herbert Lindsberger, the filmmakers. The booklet was additionally translated into Portuguese.