The Music

In order to portray a 19th-century composer in a documentary, the most necessary requirement is his music.

However, Sigismund Neukomm is hardly known, or completely unknown – at least in his native Austria.

This means that there are hardly any recordings of his works.

What seemed like a problem at first glance quickly turned out to be a significant advantage, for this meant that we were forced to record the entire film music for Saudade ourselves.

The Academia Leopoldina, founded by Herbert Lindsberger especially for Project Saudade, fulfilled this task with the corresponding curiosity and great pleasure.

The soundtrack offers the luxury of being able to hear all the music featured in the film in its entirety. Furthermore, the CD contains additional works for which we could find no space in the film.

The recordings include works by Neukomm, but also by his teachers Johann Michael and Joseph Haydn, his composer colleagues Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven, music from the countries he travelled, Portuguese fados as well as contemporary works by Gottfried von Einem.

All the works relate to each other in intriguing ways, and above all, they are very, very good…


Audio sample:


Recorded at
Palais Kuenburg-Langenhof
October 2nd-4th 2013
Mastering: Wolfgang Steininger



The CD has been recorded at Palais Kuenburg-Langenhof, Salzburg (International Salzburg Association) from October 2nd – 4th in 2013. Recording Producer, Balance Engineer & Digital Editing, Mixdown, Wolfgang Steininger.

Track Title Duration
01 L. Jorge/W. Pillinger: Fado do Retorno 04:00
02 S. Neukomm: An mein Schifflein (IR) 03:49
03 B. Powell/W. Pillinger: Berimbau 03:02
04 L. v. Beethoven: aus den 12 deutschen Tänzen WoO 8 – Nr. 1
W. A. Mozart: aus den 6 ländlerischen Tänzen KV 606 – Nr. 2
S. Neukomm: aus den XII Walses pour le Pianoforte (IR) – Nr. 8
S. Neukomm: aus den XII Walses pour le Pianoforte (IR) – Nr. 12
F. Schubert: aus den 6 Menuetten – Nr. 1
J. Haydn:aus den Ländlern für 2 Violinen und Bass aus den Jahreszeiten – Nr. 6
05 M. Haydn: aus den Streichquartetten – Andantino g-Moll, Perger 136 05:31
06 J. Haydn/S. Neukomm: aus „die Jahreszeiten“ (gesetzt für Streichquartett)
Sie steiget herauf, die Sonne – Coro. Largo – Allegro – Andante – Allegro
Abgesponnen ist der Flachs – Rezitativ
Ein Mädchen, das auf Ehre hielt, liebt einst ein Edelmann – Coro. Moderato
07 S. Neukomm: Caprice pour le Pianoforte „O amor Brazileiro“(IR) 08:03
08 J. Haydn:aus dem „Kaiser“-Quartett op. 76/3, Hob. III:77 – Poco adagio. Cantabile
S. Neukomm: aus den Variations sur le Chanson nationale „Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser“ (IR)
09 G. v. Einem: aus dem 5. Streichquartett op. 87 („Festina lente“) – Moderato 04:46
10 F. Schubert/F. Kircher: „Der Tod und das Mädchen“ für Streichquartett und Sopran (IR) 02:05
11 F. Schubert: Labetrank der Liebe, D 302 (IR) 03:11
12 J. Haydn/S. Neukomm: Rezitativ aus „Arianna a Naxos“ Ma, a chi parlo! 04:25
13 M. de Sá-Carneiro/W. Pillinger: Estátua Falsa (FP) 03:14
14 N. Correia/W. Pillinger: Sete Luas (FP) 04:14

Academia Leopoldina, Music:

Werner Neugebauer and Fritz Kircher, Violin
Herbert Lindsberger, Viola
Marcus Pouget, Cello
Johannes Gasteiger, Double Bass
Imre Rohmann (IR) and Florian Podgoreanu (FP), Piano
Julia Schick, Soprano